How To Get To The Dark Web

There are many different ways to access the dark web, but navigating it can be tricky and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. A VPN will give you an extra layer of protection and anonymity, making it much safer to explore the dark web. Again, we can’t emphasize enough that security and anonymity are paramount to those on dark websites. Your ISP and the government might not be able to view your activity when on the Tor Network, but they do know you are on the Tor Network, and that alone is enough to raise eyebrows. In fact, a recent judgment by the US Supreme Court denoted that simply using Tor was sufficient probable cause for law enforcement to search and seize any computer around the world.

As you can see, none of this content is “illegal” in any way and we all use the deep web almost daily. However, there is a very small part of the deep web that has a more negative connotation and that is the dark web. On June 25, 2015, the indie game Sad Satan was reviewed by YouTubers Obscure Horror Corner which they claimed to have found via the dark web. Various inconsistencies in the channel’s reporting cast doubt on the reported version of events.

What is the dark web? How to access it and what you’ll find

System32 is an extremely important asset to windows and is often the go to file to be deleted when an attacker is looking to put you out of comission. Although, it is a very easy fix, you just need to hook the HDD from your computer up to another, and possibly run a repair on your windows. If all else fails, wipe the HDD and reinstall windows, then put it back in your PC. With the second method you WILL lose your files, but at least you will be able to use your computer. The dark web provides a space for people to access and share all sorts of illegal and explicit material without judgment or censorship. One of the great things about Tor is that it can be used to access both the dark web and the surface web.

Journalists and whistleblowers turn to the dark web as a safe place to share/receive anonymous tips online or investigate controversial situations. When you access the pedestrian Internet, you are directly communicating with websites. But when you’re accessing a website through TOR it’s like asking another user to ask another user to ask another user to fetch the webpage information for you. A part of the Internet that isn’t accessible through search engines at all, and also much more. On the Darknet no one knows your identity and no one knows who is behind any website.

how to get to the dark web

Anyone who wants to access the dark web on their iPhone while also being concerned about their security should use Tor and a good VPN like NordVPN. When you buy or download files from illegal markets, you put yourself at risk and the police can track down the illegal purchases and prosecute you. Accessing content on the dark web is completely safe and secure, just like when you use a standard web browser. Is important to exercise caution when accessing the Dark Net and avoid clicking on links that look suspicious or unfamiliar. Choose a server location that is not in your country to maximize your privacy.

Similar to the desktop app, your VPN’s kill switch will either be under General or Connection settings. However, some, like NordVPN, have it enabled by default with no option to disable it. If you’ve never used APK downloads before, I recommend sticking to the Google Play Store method for now.


We wouldn’t know about any local tutors, since we don’t know where you currently are. There are probably some online courses to be found, although when it comes to the dark web, it’s especially important to always make sure you’re getting the right, reliable information. We’d advise you to read guides like the one in this article and go from there. If you want to make sure of the quality, cross-referencing different articles is always helpful.

how to get to the dark web

It is full of scammers, malware, and phishing websites and it’s vitally important that you hide your identity. Here are some risks of accessing the dark web without taking proper safety measures. But unfortunately, the dark web is also home to a lot of illegal activities. There are marketplaces on the dark web where one could buy all sorts of illicit items, ranging from firearms to narcotics to stolen credit cards. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work.

Tor Dark Web

Your personal information, such as banking, social media, and email accounts, along with your Social Security number, may be up for sale on the dark web. If you want to see if any of your information is floating around the dark web, try running a scan of the dark web. Alternatively, you can sign up for a dark web monitoring service. These tools warn you whenever they find any of your information.

  • That said, navigating the dark web is difficult if you’ve never done it before since there’s not much information about the sites you can browse.
  • Anyone who wants to access the dark web on their iPhone while also being concerned about their security should use Tor and a good VPN like NordVPN.
  • The intelligence community, media workers, whistleblowers, and ordinary citizens are all users of the dark web who use it for lawful or unlawful reasons.
  • Start using .onion links to surf your favorite sites on the dark web.
  • But unfortunately, the dark web is also home to a lot of illegal activities.
  • Otherwise, clicking “Connect” will allow you to browse immediately.

Infiltrations can put you at risk of monitoring for other types of activity as well. Evading government restrictions to explore new political ideologies can be an imprisonable offense in some countries. China uses what is known as the “Great Firewall” limit access to popular sites for this exact reason. The risk of being a visitor to this content could lead to being placed on a watchlist or immediate targeting for a jail sentence. On the software end, the use of Tor and other anonymized browsers is not strictly illegal. In fact, these supposed “dark web” browsers are not tethered exclusively to this portion of the internet.

Real Dark Web

Blocking access to local government resources, which often affects vulnerable people. Tutorials, guides, and other types of content that support the upskilling of bad actors in various roles. Offerings that use extensive botnets to flood victims’ systems with so much traffic that it takes them offline along with the services they supply. The computing resources malicious hackers need to carry out their attacks. Toolkits that cybercriminals use to attack vulnerabilities in systems so they can then distribute malware. Marketplaces on the Dark Web even feature rating and review systems, so potential buyers can identify “trustworthy†sellers.

Sites on the surface web are also indexable and can be easily found using search engines. In a classic example, the surface web can be imagined as the tip of a large iceberg whose bulk remains hidden just under the surface. There are darknet websites for news sources like the BBC or New York Times, email services like ProtonMail, and torrent sites like The Pirate Bay. Most of the time, these dark web sites are for people who can’t get to the open web version of the site, usually because their countries have strict internet laws.

If your information has been compromised, then it’s likely that your phone number is also on the dark web. The WWW Virtual Library– The original index of the web, but more of a directory than a search engine. Another vital precaution is to ensure that your .onion URLs are correct. Onion URLs generally contain a string of seemingly random letters and numbers. Once you are certain that you have the correct URL, save it in an encrypted note—the Tor browser will not cache it for later. Otherwise, there’s a good chance of falling victim to a phishing scam like this fake bitcoin mixer.